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Friends Only!
Friends Only

[Selling] USUK Mug + Prussia Mug
Great news, the USUK and Prussia flag mugs have arrived! :)
(Except for two prussia ones xD;;; However those two should be arriving by the end of the week or so and will be available then c: Unless the rest of the stock is sold then those will be put on hold for you)

Here's a quick preview:

Please click here for photos and more information! Thank you!Collapse )

USUK mugs and Prussia mugs + Poll

I'm thinking about selling two types of mugs I designed.
A USUK flag one and a Prussia one.
I may design some other mugs in the future, so feel free to vote in the poll for designs you would like to see in the future ~

Click here to find out more ~ Collapse )

Feedback Entry!
This is a journal for my feedback!
(( So far I haven't really sold anything on livejournal but I do have ebay feedback which can be seen here:
For ebay feedback, click here ))

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Neutral: 0
Negative: 0


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